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Jada Movie Review {Rating: 2.25/5}

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Jada: Bigil bay


Jada (Kathir) and his friends are football players. There are two notorious groups which organise local football matches sans any rules or ethics.

When they plan to hold one such tournament despite a stern warning from the police, Jada tells his coach that he wants to take part in the match.

However, the coach denies permission. But Jada convinces him saying that he would win the tournament without any injury to him and his team.

They go to a village to play the football match where they face a series of unexpected and shocking incidents. Are they able to win the trophy?


After playing a football player in Vijay-starrer Bigil only recently, Kathir does it once again in Jada, this time as protagonist however.

The movie starts on a promising note, but as it progresses, ends up as a predictable one. But the unexpected thing is the inclusion of eerie elements. Though the factor adds to the suspense in the beginning, it fades out later.

Roshini Prakash does not have any scope at all to perform, while Kishore does well despite playing a small role. Yogi Babu is there but his one-liners don’t create any impact.

But there are two highlights in Jada- cinematography and musical score. The film is good in parts and the director A Kumaran could have made the ‘match’ (read movie) more interesting had he infused more pace and depth.