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Itly Movie Review

Itly Movie Review


Inba (Saranya Ponvannan), Twinkle (Kovai Sarala) and Lilly (late Kalpana) are elderly women, who plot to rob a bank, where they had lost their hard-earned money during a bank robbery.

They forge an alliance with China (Manobala), Twinkle’s crush, to achieve their mission. Whether they are able to stage the robbery or not forms the crux of Itly (the title has been derived from the names of the three leading women).

In the meantime, there are characters including bank manager (Chitra Lakshmanan), cops (Imman Annachi and Devadarshini), terrorist (Mansoor Ali Khan) and a hostage (Vennira Aadai Moorthy) to tickle our funny bone.


Apparently inspired by Hollywood heist-comedy films, Itly would have sounded very good on paper. But we can’t stop getting the feeling that the execution could have been much better.

All the three lead actors are performance powerhouses and they prove this once again in Itly. While Saranya and Kovai Sarala make us laugh out loud, Kalpana touches our heart. And the one who has dubbed for her has done complete justice.

The film has a lengthy list of actors in its cast and most of them are known for their comic performance. But the humour quotient is less, we feel, as too many sub-plots mar the flow.

Also, the writing and the making could have certainly been better than what is finally left on the screen. There are puns and some double entendre jokes, which serve as saving grace for director R K Vidhyadaran and his team.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Itly: Serving hot and cold