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Gurkha Movie Review

: 2.75 out of 5

Gurkha: Watch (this) man


Bahadhur Singh (Yogi Babu), a security guard who hails from the Gurkha community, works in a shopping mall. A man of quick wits and good heart, he is there to help people in need.

At a time when everything appears to go well, terrorists strike and keep under seige several people. To free them, they start demanding huge ransom.

Bahadhur Singh sets out to rescue the innocent people whose lives are under danger. Is he possible to do it, and if so, how he emerges their saviour forms the rest of Gurkha.


If you don’t mind about logic and are fine with predictable comedy, Gurkha, which has Yogi Babu in the lead role, may be your leisure destination this weekend.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Dharma Prabhu, a film starring Yogi Babu in the lead, hit the screens and failed to make any impact. But, Gurkha directed by Sam Anton, is a better experience.

Charlie adds value as Yogi Babu’s colleague, while the likes of Anandaraj and Manobala keep the momentum going. Pradeep Rawat is also there.

Sam Anton has come up with a comedy entertainer that doesn’t have any logic. But it provides some entertainment if you are ready to leave your brain at home.