Tamil Movie Review

Gorilla Movie Review

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Gorilla: Chimp is champ


Jeeva (Jiiva) is a petty criminal who cheats people in the guise of a doctor. Sathish (Sathish) is an engineer who is the only breadwinner of his family. Venkat (Vivek Prasanna) is an aspiring actor. And there is Sadhik (Aruvi Madhan), a farmer.

All the four are in some problem or the other. While Jeeva is under pressure from his lover Jhansi (Shalini Pandey) to get married, Sathish loses his job. Venkat believes that he can make it big in cinema if he has money.

Sadhik is turned down by banks when he seeks loan and is on the verge of committing suicide. The four feel that money can change their lives and decide to rob a bank to achieve their mission.

And, a pet Chimpanzee also joins the gang as they consider him as their trump card to rob the bank. Are the four, with the help of the chimp, able to steal money from the bank?


Gorilla, directed by Don Sandy, is a fun filled ride from the beginning till end. But you have to be ready for a logicless and mindless ride for that matter.

Though the idea is far-fetched and the film needlessly takes a dig at some present-day events besides carrying the emotional bag, the situations make us laugh, or at least smile, in most of the scenes.

Jiiva is right there delivering the right things needed for the movie. Shalini Pandey is routine heroine, while one-liners by Sathish and Yogi Babu work well. Vivek Prasanna and Madhan are welcome additions.

There is nothing much to write about cinematography by R B Gurudev and music by Sam C S as these departments are strictly functional. If you are game for a humourous heist thriller that doesn’t have logic, Gorilla may fill your appetite.