Tamil Movie Review

Goko Mako Tamil Movie Review


An adventurous road trip of two lovers (Ramkumar and Dhanusha) captured candidly on camera by a crazy video crew is what Goko Mako is all about.

Besides a young cast, veterans Delhi Ganesh, Y Gee Mahendra and Ajay Ratnam are also there in the movie which is a roller coaster ride of fun and fantasy.


Made in just 12 days at a budget of just Rs 25 lakh, Goko Mako is no doubt a novel attempt in Tamil cinema. And what more? It has been shot using the popular hand-held action camera, GoPro Hero 6.

As the title, which is a colloquial term commonly used by the youth in Coimbatore, suggests, the movie is like watching a rough cut version of candid camera programmes we regularly get to see in comedy channels.

Besides the experienced Delhi Ganesh, Mahendra and Ajay Ratnam, Ramkumar and Dhanusha too have performed well. The director has also donned the hats of writer, music composer, sound designer, production designer, choreographer, dubbing engineer, graphic designer, colourist, costume designer, lyric writer, singer, and producer.

All said and done, Goko Mako, which runs for 96 minutes, gives us a feeling of watching a funny collage of YouTube and TikTok videos.

Rating: 2 out of 5