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Gangs of Madras Movie Review


Jaya (Sai Priyanka Ruth) is a bold girl. She falls in love with her collegemate Ibrahim (Ashok). She marries him by embracing Islam, despite opposition from her family.

Her life goes well till Ibrahim gets killed by the police personnel in an encounter. Jaya, who is now Raziya, realises that a gang led by Rowthar (Velu Prabhakaran) is behind the death of her husband.

Raiza goes to Mumbai, meets Rowthar’s rival Boxy (Daniel Balaji) and learns martial arts including attack mechanisms and defense from him to take revenge on Rowthar and his gang.

And the second half deals with Raiza’s bold attempts to put an end to Rowthar, his sons and his gang members.


Director C V Kumar, for his second film Gangs of Madras (his first film was the critically acclaimed Maayavan), has taken inspiration from films such as Badlapur and Kill Bill.

Gangs of Madras fits well into the gangster format with the only and major difference being the protagonist who is a woman here.

Sai Priyanka fits perfectly well into her role, while the likes of Velu Prabhakaran and Daniel Balaji perform good. Background score by Shyamalangan is good while songs by Hari Dufasia are average.

Cinematography by Karthik K Thillai is of top notch. Though some of the parts keep us on our toes, Kumar could have avoided too much of blood spill throughout the movie. Also, the making could have been better.

Rating : 2.5 out of 5

Gangs of Madras : Madras mayhem

PRO : Nikhil Murugan