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Game Over Movie Review


Swapna (Taapsee Pannu), an avid gamer, confines herself to home due to an unfortunate incident that happened in her life a year ago. She is also affected by nyctophobia.

Her only companion is her maid Kala (Vinothini). Swapna keeps herself busy by playing Pac-Man, and her aim is to beat her own score in the video game.

In the meantime, a string of murders happen in the city and the killer’s next target is Swapna. Also, she realises that the ink that was used to make the tattoo in her hand contains the ash of a girl’s ash.

Who is that girl? Why the serial killer is targeting Swapna? Is she able to successfully overcome all the dangers that she is facing? If so, how she is able to do it? Answers to all these questions lie in Game Over.


Taapsee, after a gap of four years, has made a strong comeback in Tamil cinema with Game Over, directed by Ashwin Saravanan of Maya fame. The film is a good mix of eerie elements, thrilling moments and pyschological answers.

Ashwin has scored big time in writing and making, while Taapsee gets all the emotions right. Despite she being a non-Tamil, her lip sync is so authentic. Vinothini and Ramya Subramanian have done well.

There are many layers to the film and each one of them has been treated well. Though the first half takes time to establish itself, the latter half compensates with gripping moments.

Ron Ethan Yohan’s haunting background score, Richard Kevin’s editing and Vasanth’s crystal clear cinematography have added immense value to the film.

Though the film has some cons like cliched scenes and lengthy sequences, the concept conceived by Ashwin and the way he has executed it makes Game Over a worthy watch.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5