Tamil Movie Review

Friendship movie review


Harbhajan along with his friend Sathish studies Mechanical Engineering at a Coimbatore college.

Losliya joins the department, following which Harbhajan and friends decide not to interact with her.

However , later they understand her good nature and become friends with her.

Soon they come to know a shocking truth about Losliya. What is the truth and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Harbhajan makes a decent debut and performs well.

He is always surrounded by his gang of friends. Sathish plays his part well and delivers some serious performance apart from comedy. Losliya is bubbly and energetic throughout. Arjun’s cameo in the climax can be appreciated.

She goes overboard at times. Director JPR and Shaam Surya focuses entirely on friendship.

However, the screenplay could have been better.

The director-duo have also delivered a message which is the need of the hour. Udhayakumar’s songs are good. Cinematography by Sandhakumar is excellent.

Rating : 3/5