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Two transpersons, Viji and Dora who are also professional killers stay together in Pondicherry.

Viji is someone who does not tolerate any abuses against transpersons.

Though what they do is wrong, they lead a peaceful life.

Shanthi, a close friend of Viji and Dora is murdered and the duo set out to find out the murderer. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


The first major highlight of the movie is that Transpersons are shown in a realistic way without unnecessary sympathy.

While director Vijayabaskar takes time to establish the characters in the first half, the second half is like a racy crime thriller.

Screenplay is one of the biggest strength of the movie. The team has done good research about the life of transpersons and has brought it well on screen. Casting of each characters is another major plus.

Director Vijayabaskar has delivered an excellent performance as the lead role Viji.

Dora and the rest of the cast have also performed well. The movie is technically sound as well.

Human Ezhilan’s music, Bharanikumar’s cinematography and King David’s editing all needs special mention.

Rating: 3.7/5