Tamil Movie Review

Ezhumin Tamil Movie Review


Viswanathan (Vivekh) is a businessman and he leads a happy life with his wife Bharathi (Devayani) and son Arjun. For Viswanathan and Bharathi, Arjun is their world and they are ready to do anything for him.

Arjun is into boxing and he wants to start a sports academy for less privileged children, after he gets disappointed with the injustice meted out to his friends who got discouraged to pursue martial arts, just because they don’t have money.

But fate would have it, Arjun dies all of a sudden after he collapses during a box tournament. In his memory, Viswanathan and Bharathi start a sports academy to fulfil his dream.

As the academy provides quality training to poor students, Sundaram (Azhagam Perumal), the chief of the Tamil Nadu Sports Academy Association, plans for the kidnap of children trained by Viswanathan’s academy.

As per his plan, the kids are kidnapped by his henchman and Viswanathan seeks the help of his friend Rajasekar (Premkumar), who is a police officer. But the children use their martial arts to escape from the place.


As suggested by the title, the movie, directed by Viji, motivates everyone, especially youngsters, to learn from failures and emerge victorious at the end.

Vivek has come up with a very good performance and he touches our heart during emotional scenes. Devayani is back on big screen after a gap and delivers a neat performance.

Azhagamperumal is menacing, while the six children who have played lead roles are very good. Though it offers some relevant advices, the movie becomes preachy in some scenes.

Had the director cut down on preachy scenes and focused on racy moments, Ezhumin could have been much better. But still, you will not regret much after watching the movie.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Ezhumin : Stand and win

Director:  V.P. Viji

Producer: V.P. Viji

Music Director: Ganesh Chandrasekaran   

Cast: Vivek,  Devayani,  Azhagam Perumal,  Prem