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Ennul Aayiram Tamil Movie Review

Ennul Aayiram Tamil Movie Review

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Ennul Aayiram Tamil Movie Review


Ashok (Maha) is a happy-go-lucky youth who works in a star hotel as bartender. He falls in love with Suhasini (Mareena Michaels). Following some desperate attempts by Ashok, Suhasini too reciprocates.

Even as Suhasini’s parents decides to marry her with some other person, she wants to elope with Ashok. While the love brids fly from the nest, an unintentional crime committed by Ashok hunts him.

Ashok is now in the wanted list of the police department and his past is chasing him fast. What he does to come out of the trouble and whether he is successful or not is the rest of Ennul Aayiram.


Maha, son of veteran actor Delhi Ganesh, has made his debut as actor by playing the lead role in ‘Ennul Aayiram’. Though he has miles to go as an actor, we can certainly say his is a promising debut.

Mareena Michaels delivers an impressive performance, while Vincent Ashok sends the chill down the spine as a menacing police officer. Others in the cast include Shruti Yugal, Sivaji, Ravirajkrishna, Sivakumar and Telephone Raj.

Gopi Sunder’s music is one of the highlights of the movie, while debutant cinematographer Athisayaraj has done a tremendous job. Technically, the film is strong.

Despite having the backing of a strong technical team and good actors, director Krishna Kumar impresses only partially. The script wanders much, but at the same time, the film has showcased some promising first-time talents.

Verdict: Average

Director: Krishna Kumar
Music: Gopi Sunder
Cast: Maha, Marina Michael, Vincent Asokan, Sivaji, Ravi Raj Krishna, Krishnamoorthy, Annamalai
Pro: Nikil Murugan