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Enkitta Mothathe Tamil Movie Review

Enkitta Mothathe Tamil Movie Review

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The story is set in the 1980s. Ravi (Natraj aka Natty) is a Rajinikanth fan, while his close friend Perumal (Rajaji) is a Kamal Haasan fan. Both are cut-out artistes.

Perumal’s sister (Sanchita Shetty) falls for Ravi, while Perumal is in love with a neighbour girl (Parvathy Nair).

All hells break loose when Rajini’s Manithan and Kamal’s Nayagan release on the same day, and fight between the two sets of fans irks a local politician Chidambaram (Vijay Murugan).

He ties with up a theater owner and aspiring Minister (Radha Ravi) to ban cutouts in the town. In the meantime, Perumal is upset with Ravi’s affair with his sister and sides with the rivals.


For those who were youth in the 1980s, Enkitta Mothathey is a treat to watch, for the film would take them to the golden era of Rajini and Kamal, the two legends of Tamil cinema.

The film, directed by Ramu Chellappa and produced by Eros International, has such a nostalgic and interesting first half with so many interesting details and set props (art direction by Aaruswamy).

But the problem lies with the second half, which is non-sync and uninspiring. Overall, the film has a fairly engaging screenplay, and thus, it passes muster.

Natraj gives his second best performance after Sathuranga Vettai, while the likes of Rajaji, Sanchita Shetty and Parvathy Nair deliver goods. Need we say about the acting skills of Radha Ravi?

Music by Natarajan Shankaran is nostalgic, while cinematographer C Ganesh Chandra has made efforts to revisit the 1980sera. Athiyappan Siva’s editing is another plus. Had director Ramu Chellappa added more fizz in the second half, ‘Enkitta Mothathey’ would have won the box-office fight with a huge margin.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Director: Ramu Chellappa
Music: Natarajan Sankaran
Cast: Natty, Rajaji, Parvathy Nair, Sanchita Shetty, Radha Ravi, Vijay Murugan, Muruganandham, Vetrivel, Saravanan Muniappan
Pro: Riaz K Ahmed