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Endha Nerathilum – Review


Ramakrishnan lives with his parents, sister (Sandra Amy) and uncle (Yashmith) near Kothagiri. He comes across Leema Babu and it’s love at first sight.

Leema too accepts his proposal. One day, Ramakrishnan takes his lover to his house to introduce her to his family members. But everyone including Sandra are shocked to see her.

Even as Ramakrishnan is clueless, his family members die in a mysterious manner, forcing his sister and him to vacate the house and go to their native.

In the native, Sandra starts experiencing paranormal things and a ghost which resembles Leema haunts her. Why Ramakrishnan’s family was shocked to see Leema? Who is the ghost? What happened to Ramakrishnan’s love form the rest of Endha Nerathilum.


Ramakrishnan has delivered a decent performance, while Leema is bold and beautiful. Sandra has been given a meaty role and she has added value to it with her emotions.

Sathish has scored well in songs and background score. Salai Sahadevan, the cinematographer, has captured the chill hilly locales with eeriness.

Director R Muthukumar has infused one story into another and tried to be different from the crowd. He has banked heavily on mystery elements. Though the film is good in parts, it doesn’t scare us as the screenplay could have been better.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5