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Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta Movie Review {Rating: 2.5 / 5}

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta: (B)Old Bullet


Raghu (Dhanush) hails from a rich family in Pollachi. He comes to Chennai after getting admission in a college in the city.

In his campus, he comes across Lekha (Megha Akash), an actress who is shooting there for a film. It is love at first sight for Raghu (or, in Gautham’s style, he is head over heels for her).

Lekha, who is an orphan, is being controlled by her guardian Kuberan (Senthil Veerasamy), who has connections in both film industry and in the underworld.

While Raghu tries to protect Lekha from Kuberan, she prefers to go with him fearing the safety of Raghu and his family members.

After a gap of four years, Raghu gets a phone call from her. She asks him to come to Mumbai, where the life of his brother Thiru (Sasikumar) is in danger. Raghu heads to Mumbai where he has to face a bunch of bullets to complete his mission.


After lying in the cans for years, director Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta has finally hit the screens. Starring Dhanush in the lead role, it is an action-filled love story.

The film appears fresh, thanks to Gautham’s narration and technical departments. But somehow it reminds us of Gautham’s earlier movies, especially Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada.

Dhanush delivers a solid performance, while Megha Akash looks beautiful but weak. Senthil Veerasamy performs well, but his character fails to induce fear in us.

Sasikumar has got nothing specific. Darbuka Siva has come up with beautiful songs, while stunt sequences have been beautifully shot. However, picturisation of songs is disappointing.

They say anything is fair in love and war. And, if you are that film-buff who thinks anything is fair in love, war and Gautham movies, you would like ENPT.