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En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom – Review

Sandhya (Anandhi) is being loved by two friends (Yogi Babu and Thamizh). One day, when she is going in a bus, one of her slippers falls down.
Thamizh watches everything and he even tries to find the slipper, but it goes missing. In the meantime, Sandhya’s father (Jayaprakash), who is in abroad, gets kidnapped.
As searches go in vain, Sandhya approaches a woman sooth-sayer, who happens to be Thamizh’s mother. After asking Sandhya to narrate the incidents that happened on that fateful day, she ‘finds’ that the missing slipper as the reason behind all mayhem.
The astrologer asks Sandhya to find out her slipper to put an end to the woes she has been facing. Thamizh, who overhears all this, decides to trace the slipper to make Sandhya happy. Is he successful?
The idea of a story that revolves around a ‘mission’ to find out a missing slipper is totally new to Tamil cinema. Kudos to the team of En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom, led by director Jagan, on this front.
Thamizh impresses in his debut flick and we expect more improvements from him in future. Yogi Babu is almost the hero and he tickles the funny bone well.
Anandhi is beautiful as a modern girl and she performs well too. Jayaprakash and others in the cast are adequate. Ishaan Dev’s songs are good and the background score by Deepan is fine.
On the flipside, we could not avoid getting a feel that something is missing in the movie. It seems the director is in a little bit of confusion whether to take the commercial or artistic route.
But there is denial that En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom has enjoyable moments and it is a feel-good movie.
Rating: 3 out of 5