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Eeswaran Movie Review


Periyasamy (Bharathiraja) and his wife Paappathi are living a very peaceful life in a village near Palani, along with their three sons and a daughter.

However, astrologer Kaali foretells imminent doom in the family and as predicted, there is a death in the household.

A family that was closely knit for about two decades, falls apart due to some internal issues. Periyasamy is left alone in his village and his children and grandchildren are elsewhere.

Eeswaran (Simbu), an energetic young man, comes into Periyasamy’s life and helps him to get his family back. However, the astrologer Kaali again predicts that a life will be lost in the family. And, Eeswaran is not who he claims to be.


Director Suseenthiran’s idea bank seems to have run dry after the initial setup. What he does well, however, is the smart inclusion of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown elements in the script.

STR fans are sure to have quite a treat in the theatres, seeing the vintage Simbu rocking on the big screens again. He looks fresh, with a skip in his step and a spark in his smile.

Nidhhi Agarwal and Nandita Swetha do not much to do in the movie, especially the typical heroine tasks.
Thaman’s songs are sure to have the viewers foot-tapping and the BGM is pulsating.

Overall, Eeswaran can be considered a family drama set in the rural movie and fits for festival watching.

Eeswaran: Rural role

Rating: 3 out of 5