Tamil Movie Review

Dora Tamil Movie Review

Dora Tamil Movie Review

New kid on the block


Pavalakodi (Nayanthara) and her father (Thambi Ramaiah) lead a content life, with the only unfulfilled wish of the latter being the former should soon get married and settle in life.

In a bid to teach a lesson to her selfish aunt, Pavalakodi starts a cab business. And when she purchases an old Austin Cambridge car, she realises that it is haunted by Dora, a dog.

The rest is all about why Dora possessed the car and how Pavalakodi and Dora take revenge on a gang of north Indian youth who raped a young girl inside the car.


Nayanthara is the strength of Dora. But director Doss Ramasamy should have understood that only Nayanthara is not enough to make a movie run.

For, apparently relying too much on her, he has lost grip on the script. A film in this genre, which needs speed and unexpected twists, lacks these qualities.

While Nayanthara has put in a lot of efforts to get her act right, Thambi Ramaiah fits well to the role of a doting dad. Harish Uttaman, who initially adds to the suspense factor, has nothing much to do.

Vivek-Mervin duo has come out with eerie musical score. The angles and colour tones of cinematographer Dinesh Krishnan are another highlight of Dora.

Though we feel that Doss Ramasamy could have done a better job, there is no denial that he has attempted certain novel things in an interesting manner, in the company of Nayanthara.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Director: Doss Ramasamy
Music: Vivek Siva Mervin, Solomon
Cast: Nayanthara, Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman, Sulile Kumar, Vettri, Trichy Raghavendra Kumar, Baby Yuktha
Pro: Nikil Murugan