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Dhillukku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review

dd2aDhillukku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review
dd2aDhillukku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review

Fun & Pun


Viji (Santhanam) is an auto driver in Chennai. He lives with his uncle (Rajendran). Both give sleepless nights to their neighbours, thanks to their drinking habits and late night atrocities.

A doctor named Karthik (T M Karthik) is a neighbour of them and he is in search of ways to get rid of Viji. He comes across his subordinate Maya (Shritha), a beautiful young woman from Kerala.

Karthik realises that whoever falls in love with Maya gets attacked by a strange power. Sensing an opportunity to achieve his mission, he makes Viji to fall for her.

Soon, Viji and Maya start seeing each other and to get the consent of her family led by her father Garudaraja Pattathari (Bipin), a black magician, Viji goes to Kerala.

The place is not just superstitions, but ghostly presence rules the roost. There, Viji also learns the reason behind Maya’s condition and some secrets. Has he emerged victorious in his love or not forms the rest of Dhillu Dhuddu-2.


After trying his hands at mass masala entertainers, Santhanam finallly seems to have understood that comedy works for him than anything else. The end-result in Dhillu Dhuddu-2, a laugh riot.

Santhanam is too good from beginning till end and he is ably supported by Rajendran. One-liners by both bring the roof down in theatre. Urvashi too joins them in the mission.

Shritha Sivadas, Karthik and Bipin are good. The film starts on a hilarious note and things progress with good steam, only to lose fizz in the second half.

However, things are back on track in the pre-climax portions and the last thirty minutes provide us thorough entertainment. Despite average computer graphics work and a non-convincing romantic track letting things down, Dhillu Dhuddu directed by Rambhala is a paisa vasool entertainer.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5