Tamil Movie Review

Dharma Prabhu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Dharma Prabhu: Celestial celebrity


Yamalogam gets a new Yama Dharma Raja (Yogi Babu). From the skies, He goes to Chennai along with His assistant Chiraguptan (Ramesh Thilak).

In the capital of Tamil Nadu, Yama, by mistake, saves the life of a politican with criminal records when He actually tries to prevent the death of a small girl.

This earns Yama the wrath of Lord Shiva, who orders Him to undo His errors in a few days’ time. Is Yama able to do it?


In the last few decades, we had seen stories of Yama coming to the world in films such as superstar Rajinikanth’s Adhisaya Piravi and Karthik-Goundamani’s Lucky Man.

Though Yogi Babu starrer Dharma Prabhu is one more to the list, it fails to trigger the kind of laughter evoked by those movies. But still, it is entertaining in parts.

Yogi Babu is casual and his chemistry with Ramesh Thilak is rocking. There is an army of talented actors like Radha Ravi, Rekha, Bose Venkat, Azhagam Perumal and Janani Iyer.

Computer graphics are not of much help, while some of the scenes appear staged. A few contemporary issues involving politics have been mocked. Had director S Muthukumaran focussed on adding more funny elements, Dharma Prabhu would have been charitable to the audience.