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Dha Dha 87 Movie Review

Thug life


Sathya (Charuhasan) is an aged don in north Chennai. Despite his age factor, he still dominates the area and controls even politicians. His estranged love interest is Geetha (Saroja).

Residents of the locality include Jail Pandi (Anand Pandi), an ex-serviceman Naidu (Janakaraj) and his daughter Jeni (Sri Pallavi) among others.

Pandi falls for Jeni and confesses his feelings for her. But, both Jeni and Naidu are not for it and they warn Pandi. However, Pandi is firm in his love.

One day, Pandi gets to know the real identity of Jeni and receives the shock of his life. What happens after that forms the rest of Dha Dha 87.


There are two interesting highlights in Dha Dha 87, directed by Vijay Sri G. While one is the lead role played by veteran Charuhasan at this age, another is the role of his estranged lady love, played by Saroja, the grandmother of Keerthy Suresh.

Anand Pandi, who has been part of TV shows like Kalakka Povathu Yaaru and Jodi No 1, has bagged a key character and tries to perform well. The likes of Janakaraj, Bala Singh, Saroja and Sri Pallavi have done a good job.

Charuhasan is convincing in his role and is the face of the movie. The film tries to explore the lives of transpersons and does that without any obscenity.

However, laid-back narration and lack of depth affect the flow. Songs sound unwanted and even some important characters are underwritten. The concept is novel and the director can be appreciated for that.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5