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Devi 2 Movie Review


Krishna (Prabhu Deva) is married to Devi (Tamannah). The former is possessed by not just one, but two spirits. And the latter comes to know about it.

Devi takes multiple steps to save her husband and to safeguard her family. She also takes the help of a friend (Kovai Sarala).

The rest is all about how Devi resorts to different methods to achieve her mission and whether she is successful in it or not.


Close on the heels of Kanchana 3, here comes Devi 2, a sequel to director Vijay’s earlier film Devi, which too has the same Prabhu Deva and Tamannah in lead roles.

The story is set in the backdrop of Mauritius and Prabhu Deva and Tamannah, the lead pair, have performed well. Kovai Sarala tries to evoke laughter in a few scenes.

Also in the cast are Sonu Sood and RJ Balaji, who make brief appearances. Music is not of much help to the film, while cinematography is cool and gripping. 

The writing is poor and the film is not good at both its objectives- horror and comedy. We lose interest in many scenes. But there are some sequences which are good.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5