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Danny Movie Review


Kundhavai (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar), a police inspector, takes charge of a police station in Thanjavur. A woman’s body is found burnt to death and everyone believes that her husband is the murderer.

Kundhavai arrests him and she is is being thanked even by the mother of the man. But Kundhavai believes there is more to the story and follows other leads.

On the other hand, Danny, a dog, is an expert at nabbing suspects. Danny is brought in to help with the murder investigation and the probe proceeds  well.

At a time when Kundhavai chases the suspects, tragedy hits her home. Is she able to find the real criminal(s) or not?


Danny, directed by L C Santhanamoorthy, is the latest Tamil film to get a straight release on OTT platform (it is streaming on Zee5), due to the ongoing Covid-19 induced lockdown.

The basic idea is good and Varalaxmi delivers goods scene after scene. She is ably supported by the likes of Anitha Sampath, Vinoth Kishan  and Vela Ramamoorthy.

However, the film loses track due to inclusion of mindless comedy sequences and its below-average screenplay pulls things down. Relatability, too, goes for a toss.

Most of the characters have not been developed beyond what their one-line description sounds like. But still, Santhanamoorthy manages to impress the audience in parts with some gripping scenes.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Danny : Dog delight