Tamil Movie Review

Comali Tamil Movie Review

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Comali: Funny bone


Ravi (Jayam Ravi), a small school boy in the 1980s, studies class 12 (plus two) in the late 90s and enjoys good things of those days. He falls for his classmate Nikitha (Samyuktha Hegde).

He considers an idol very close to his heart and gifts it to Nikitha one day. Following this, an incident happens which puts Ravi in coma for not just one or two, but 16 years.

As he wakes up from coma, he is shocked to see how things have changed in the past decade-and-a-half. The man in his mid-30s undergoes difficulty to comes to terms with the latest trends.

In the meantime, he meets a young woman (Kajal Aggarwal), through whom he comes to know that the idol he had gifted to Nikitha was very expensive and it is currently under the custody of a wicked politician (K S Ravikumar).

The rest is all about how Ravi tries to get the idol back from the hands of the notorious legislator.


While this is the career best performance of Jayam Ravi who appears in multiple getups, his hardwork has not been utilised well, as things which start on a highly positive note in the first half go haywire in the latter half.

Kajal Aggarwal and Samyuktha Hedge have done their roles well, while Yogi Babu is a major strength. His one-liners add more fun to the movie. K S Ravikumar is another advantage.

The director should have avoided melodramatic scenes which mar the post-interval session. There is ample scope for interesting sequences which could have been utilised better.

On the whole, Comali is a roller coaster ride of comic elements which provide laughter in the first half and somber in the second half. The film can be watched for Jayam Ravi, Yogi Babu and some funny scenes.