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Chiyangal Movie Review

Chiyangal is based on the emotions faced by the elders in all our families. It has seven main characters, and each one will remind us of the old people we come across in our lives.
The film conveys the message that if people have a strong will to fulfil their ambitions in their old age, even death will hold off until they achieve their goals.
 All the actors who played the senior citizens in the movie are all debutants and they have pulled off a decent performance which is more realistic representation of the life of the old people.
Director Vaigarai Balan has touched upon human emotions and why it is important to respect and understand the elders in the family.
Actor Karikalan has done a decent job and has suited the role perfectly. Risha Haridoss has delivered what was expected of her.
Muthamizh’s music is soul stirring and adds more weightage to the emotional content. Babukumar has captured the village beautifully and Prakash Mabbu’s editing is crisp.
Chiyangal: Emotional ride
Rating: 3.5/5