Tamil Movie Review

Chinnanjiru Kiliye movie review

Senthil is a nathuropathy practicioner who does not believe in allopathic medicine.

He strongly believes that food is the best medicine.

Senthil loses his wife while delivering their baby Pathivaththini.

Once Pathivaththini is taken to a medical camp after she gets injured.

Following this she is kidnapped by a group.

Senthil emabrks on a search to find his daughter. He also decides to expose that gang that kidnapped his daughter.


Director Sabarinathan has tried to bring out the scams that are happening in the medical field.
Senthil is apt for the role and does not go overboard anywhere. He is just a common man who does not even fight.

Archana Singh and Sandra Nair do not have much to do in the movie.

Pathivaththini impresses the audience with her acting and her energy.

Masthan Kaadhar’s music adds soul to the movie.

Pandiyan Karuppan’s camerawork effectively captures the village beauty.