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Bow Bow Movie Review {Rating: 2.5/5}

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Bow Bow: Dog day


A little boy (Master Aahaan) showers all love on his dog, a Labrador, but is slightly worried that his pet is lethargic in nature.

He tries various methods and provides training to the dog to make it an enthusiastic and energetic animal. One day, he loses the dog while trying to save a couple of people from a critical situation.

The boy becomes depressed and starts searching for the pet. The rest is all about whether he is able to come out of depression and reunite with his dog.


Bow Bow, directed by debutant Pradeep Kilkar, is about an emotional bond shared between a five-year-old boy and his dog.

Films featuring dogs in one of the leads seem to be the flavour of the season. But Bow Bow shows some difference. For, this film does not have dogs doing stunts. Instead, it talks about the love shared between the pet and the boy.

Aahaan has come up with a good performance, while the rest of the members of the cast are adequate. A couple of dogs also attract our attention with their performances.

Cinematography and music add value to the movie, while some sequences lack depth. The film can serve well to children who love animals.