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Bhoomi Movie Review


Bhoominathan (Jayam Ravi) is a scientist working for NASA, and he is all set to travel to the Mars to try and explore whether it is fit for life.

However, in the intervening month-long break, he flies down from the US to his native Tamilnadu, where he finds farmers starving because their fields are barren.

There is no rainfall, there is virtually no underground water, which has been, as we are told, drawn by giant industries.

All this can be reversed, but for a foreign industrial magnate, Richard Child (Ronit Roy). And he has under his thumb the Minister for Agriculture (Radha Ravi) as well as his cronies, including the police chief.

Child also brags to Bhoomi that he would soon turn India into another Somalia, plagued by hunger and diseases. How did Bhoomi confront Child forms the rest of the story.


The film is a powerful indictment of the corporatisation of agriculture. The work literally takes the space route to hammer home these point.

as Director Lakshman underlines, we need a Bhoominathan to unify the farming community, kept in the dark for many years by selfish politicians and bribe-gulping bureaucrats.

Jayam Ravi delivers an earnest performance as Bhoominathan and tries his best to elevate the otherwise dull narrative. Nidhi Agarwal has not much to do in the film.

The camerawork by Dudley focuses on Bhoomi’s belligerent eyes; there are slow-moTION shots of Bhoomi running with angst; close-ups of Bhoomi’s outraged face.

The background by D Imman score whips up our emotions. The movie is relevant in the current scenario, especially at a time when farmers are staging a protest.

Bhoomi: Need of the hour

Rating: 3 out of 5