Tamil Movie Review

Bhaagamathie Tamil Movie Review

Bhaagamathie Tamil Movie Review


Sanchala (Anushka Shetty) is an IAS officer, who is lodged in prison on charges of murdering Shakthi (Unni Mukundhan), a do-gooder in the society.

In the meantime, the government decides to damage the reputation of a politician called Eshwar Prsad (Jayaram). For that, CBI officer Vaishnavi Reddy is roped in. Since Eshwar Prasad has a clean image in the society, things get tough to tarnish his image.

Vaishnavi Reddy decides to investigate Sanchala to accomplish the mission. Sanchala is shifted from prison to a big bungalow for the purpose of interrogation.

It emerges that the edifice is Bhaagamathie ghost bungalow, and everyone starts experiencing paranormal activities. Also, the real face of Sanchala is revealed.


After Arundhati and Baahubali, Anushka gets yet another chance to fully display her acting skills in Bhaagamathie and does it in full form. Her performance is the biggest highlight of the film, especially the transformation scene.

Jayaram and Asha Sharath are right choice for their respective roles, while Unni Mukundhan has done his job well. Remaining members of the cast are adequate.

Cinematographer Madhie has come out with stunning visuals, and the big asset for Bhaagamathie is the musical score of Thaman, who stuns with his compositions, especially background score. Visual effects too are good.

Though the film is racy and eerie, many scenes are predictable and formulaic. But director Ashok has managed to strike balance. Despite its flaws, we get to enjoy Bhaagamathie thanks to Anushka and eerie elements.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5