Tamil Movie Review

Balloon Tamil Movie Review


Jeevanandham (Jai), an assistant director, aspires to become a filmmaker and approaches a producer with his dream story.

The producer, despite getting impressed with his script, asks him to do a horror film first, as it is the current trend. He suggests Jeeva that he could do his dream subject as his second movie.

Though Jeeva is not happy with the idea, he decides to go ahead with the producer’s instructions as he wants to mark his entry as director to settle in life.

So, he, along with his wife Jacqueline (Anjali), nephew Pappu and two assistant directors, goes to Ooty to study a haunted house there. They also a hire a resort nearby.

During their stay in the resort, they start sensing eerie things. Pappu stumbles upon a doll and what follows next is a ghost saga filled with a flashback and a revenge climax.


Director Sinish, without making tall claims, makes things clear in the beginning itself, by mentioning that he has made Balloon after getting inspired by many movies.

The film which follows the familiar template of horror-comedy, has many elements that would satisfy the audience, especially those who love films of such genre.

Jai is good as solo hero, but it is Yogi Babu who is in top form. Anjali is beautiful and emotes well. Janani Iyer, as usual, speaks with her eyes. The kid ‘Pappu’ is too good. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is one of the highlights of the movie.

R Saravanan’s cinematography is a treat to the eyes, both in present and flashback sequences. Graphics, editing and other technical departments are good.

Though the first half is impressive, the second half lacks pep. But still, Balloon manages to satisfy the entertainment appetite with interesting narration.

Rating:3 out of 5