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Bale Vellaiya Theva Tamil Movie Review

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Bale Vellaiya Theva – Movie Review


Sakthi (Sasikumar) lives in a small village called Vayalur, where his mother (Rohini) works as a postmaster. Elderly couple Selfie Kathayi (Kovai Sarala) and Kanakku (Sangili Murugan) are his friends.

Sakthi, who aims a government job, falls in love with a beautiful girl (Tanya Ravichandran) in the village. When things seem to go smooth, he locks horns with influential people in the locality.

This leads to cops filing an FIR against him and his government job dream gets shattered. How he beats all odds and emerges triumphant is the rest of the story.


Playing a village youth role is a cakewalk for Sasikumar and he proves it once again in Bale Vellaiya Theva. But director Solai Prakash’s comic treatment is not impressive

Characters fail to establish a connect with the audience, which is a must for such comedy entertainers. Also, the script lacks depth and is sloppy too.

Newcomer Tanya, granddaughter of veteran actor Ravichandran, is a welcome addition to the list of heroines in Tamil cinema. Rohini, Sangili Murugan and Kovai Sarala show their experience on screen.

Technically, the film is neither very strong nor too weak. Music is by Darbuka Siva is good. On the whole, Bale Vellaiya Theva is an average fare which fails to satisfy the expectations surrounded it.

Verdict: Average