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Bakrid Movie Review

Bakrid : Spreading love

Rating: 3.25 out of 5


Ratnam (Vikranth) is a farmer who lives in a village with his wife Geetha (Vasundhara) and daughter (Shrutika). He is desperate to borrow money to do farming, but faces difficulties.

Based on the advice of a friend of him (Dinesh Prabhakar), Ratnam gets money, and a baby camel along with it, from a moneylender who is getting ready for Bakrid celebrations.

Ratnam and his family spend almost a year with the camel named Sara, till the animal develops health issues due to the climate conditions in this part of the country.

A doctor asks Ratnam to leave Sara in a desert, which will be suitable for the animal. Following this, Ratnam and his friend, along with Sara, starts a journey to Rajasthan to leave the camel there.

The rest is all about the difficulties they face in their trip, from a bunch of cow vigilantes, police personnel and petty thieves.


Vikranth delivers his best performance till date in the film directed by Jagadeesan Subbu, which tries to convey the message that animals are far better than human beings.

The film, without getting preachy (but it is melodramatic at places), also drives home the message that compassion and love should be shown to all living beings on earth.

Vasundhara, Vaiyapuri, Dinesh Prabhakar and other actors too deliver good performance, while D Imman’s music elevates the mood of the movie and adds to the emotional quotient.

The director, who has also taken care of cinematography, has done justice to both departments. But the movie moves on a slow mode and the audience should be ready to handle this.