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Asuravadham Movie Review

Asuravadham Movie - Review


Samayan (Vasumithra), a provison shop owner and a local thug, is a womaniser. One day, he gets a lot of phone calls, which get cut the moment to he tries to attend them.

Finally, the caller (Sasikumar) speaks. He threatens that the next few days would be hell for Samayan and finally, he would get killed in a week.

Samayan now ropes in men to protect him and the list includes his friend (Rajasimman) and a police officer (Srijith Ravi). But the stranger is unstoppable and he is everywhere, including Samayan’s house.

Why the stranger is trying to kill Samayan? Is Samayan able to escape from him or not? Answers to these questions are available in Asuravadham.


After making a promising debut in Chennai Ungalai Anbudan Varaverkirathu, director Marudhupandian has come up with a revenge action thriller in Asuravadham, in association with Sasikumar.

More than the characters, visuals and narration speak a lot in this flick, which, in a way, has set a new standard for Tamil films of such genre. The story starts on an eerie note and ends with a bang with a bloody climax.

Sasikumar, known for mouthing loads of dialogues, has underplayed in Asuravadham. He speaks a lot through his eyes and reactions, which has worked out well.

Nandita Swetha and Sheela Rajkumar have nothing much to do, while Vasumithra is right find for his role and he has done complete justice.

S R Kathir’s cinematography is one of the biggest highlights of Asuravadham, while music composer Govind Vasanth is a welcome addition to Tamil cinema. Dhilip Subbarayan’s stunt scenes are adrenaline-pumping.

The film, which starts on a promising note, loses steam as it progresses. But still, it impresses us in most parts and Sasikumar seems to have achieved the much needed break.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Asuravadham: Villain to villain


Music by: Govind Menon

Produced by: Leela Lalitkumar