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Aruvam Movie Review {Rating: 2.25/5}

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Aruvam: Shady Shape


Jothi (Catherine Tresa) is a golden hearted woman who is not ready to do harm even to ants, that too by mistake. She is a good samaritan and lets free a parrot from an astrologer and buries the body of a dead dog despite the overpowering stench.

Jagan (Siddharth), an orphan and a honest young man, watches her from distance, gets totally impressed and falls in love for her. He even expresses his feelings to her.

However, Jothi turns him down due to a peculiar reason. In the meantime, a bunch of corrupted men enter the life of Jagan and an unexpected thing happens.

The rest is all about whether Jagan is able to take revenge for the harm they did to him and what way he adopted to do it.


This is one more eerie-revenge thriller for Siddharth after Aranmanai 2 and Aval. Though the actor does complete justice to the role, the script lets him down badly.

Catherine Teresa tries to give her best, but she is unable to fit the bill. Sathyaraj and others are okay. Director Sai Shekar, who has come up with a gripping knot, should have executed it in a more interesting manner.

Having said that, Aruvam is not that bad. There are a few scenes which make us glued to our seats and there are some sequences which make us root for the lead characters. All that we feel at the end is things could have been more better.