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Aranmanai 3 movie review


Sampath is a Zamindhar who goes to preside over a wedding. There he falls in love with the bride Andrea and marries her.

Andrea dies after giving birth to a daughter played by Raashi Khanna. During her childhood Raashi believes that the palace in which they live is haunted and leaves to a hostel. She returns only after completing college.

Meanwhile, Arya who is an electrician comes to the palace for a work. Raashi and Arya fall in love. Raashi’s relative Sundar C also arrives at the palace.

Soon horror events start to take place in the palace. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Sundar C has stayed to the template of the Aranmanai franchise. However this time he has delivered it in a grand scale. Arya gets to play a complete different role from his previous outings.

Sundar C as usual does his part well. Raashi Khanna looks gorgeous throughout the flick. Andrea is impressive in the first portion and is terrifying as the ghost later.

With an ensemble of cast including Vivek, Yogi Babu, Monbala and Nalini every character has been given equal importance.

VFX of the film could have been better. Senthil Kumar’s camera work stands out. Sathya’s music is terrific.

Rating: 3.5/5