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Aramm Movie Review

Madhivadhani (Nayanthara) is a district collector for whom serving the people is the top priority. Bold in brain and tender at heart, the young IAS officer listens to the woes of the public and tries finding solutions.

In a village in her jurisdiction, lives a family led by the breadwinner Yugendran (Rams), a painter, whose earnings are not sufficient to make ends meet. Like the other women in the village, his wife Sumathi (Sunu Lakshmi) also does odd jobs.

The couple have a son, Muthu (Ramesh of Kaaka Muttai fame) and a daughter Dhanshika (Mahalakshmi). Muthu wants to become a swimming champ, but his father is against it, as he wants the boy to study well to land in a good job.

We are told that Yugendran, during his youth days, dreamed of becoming a kabaddi player, but in vain, resulting in him getting a strong feeling that the system is against them.

On a fateful day, Dhanshika falls into a deep borewell, and her rescue becomes a huge professional and personal challenge for Madhivadhani, with the whole incident becoming a media blitz.


Here is Nayanthara with her career best performance, as the actress has lived the role of a collector who struggles to save the life of a girl. She is rock solid. Each and every member of the cast has delivered a riveting performance in almost all scenes.

Director Gopi Nainar’s anger on the system and his care for society are visible throughout the film. While the scenes speak reality with all its harshness, the dialogues are razor sharp.

Ghibran has come out with a pulsating background score as the film develops into a thriller in the latter half. Om Prakash’s camera too is like a member of the cast, as it shows varied emotions aptly. Kudos to stunt master Peter Hein for choreographing the rescue scenes with all imagination.

Films like Aramm don’t happen regularly in Tamil cinema. Though the movie that runs for 120 minutes gives a documentary feel at places, it delivers a right message, that too in a right manner.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5