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Annanuku Jey Tamil Movie Review


Matta Sekar (Dinesh), who lives in a mofussil area called Mullai Nagar, helps his father Murugesan (Mayilsamy), in toddy business.

Irumbukkai Selva (Dheena), an office-bearer of an influential political party, starts a bar in the locality. But still, people living there prefer toddy sold by Murugesan.

This irks Selva who uses his political clout to remove Murugesan out of business. Following this, Sekar seeks the help of Parasuraman (Radha Ravi), a senior functionary in the same party.

Triggered by this, Selva destroys Murugesan’s toddy shop. Sekar decides to take revenge and for that, he plans to become a politician. Is he successful in his mission?


A serious knot has been delivered in a comedy pack by director Rajkumar, who has made maximum use of writing and performance. These two things elevate Annanuku Jey into a fun-filled political satire.

And Dinesh is with his career-best performance in this movie. As a wannabe politician and a loving son, he has emoted well. Mahima Nambiar as Dinesh’s love interest is good.

Radha Ravi has delivered an effortless performance and it is hard to imagine any other actor to do the role in such a casual way. Other members of the cast including Dheena are adequate.

Director Rajkumar needs to be lauded for striking a fine balance between seriousness and comedy. With this knack, he has presented an interesting movie with little flaws. Annanukku Jey is a good satire with an undercurrent of humour.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Annanuku Jey: Political pundit