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Annadurai – Review

Annadurai and Thambidurai (both Vijay Antony) are twin brothers. The former, a noble-hearted, becomes alcoholic following the death of his lover.
The latter is a physical education teacher in a school. Annadurai, under the influence of circumstances and alcohol, commits a crime and ends up in jail.
As he comes out of prison after seven years, he is shocked to see that his brother is now a right-handed man of a don in the locality.
Also, his family too lies shattered. Now it is the turn of Annadurai to set things right- teach a fitting lesson to his foes and to mend the life of his brother.
Vijay Antony is elevating his responsibilities film after film. First he was a music composer alone. The he became an actor and producer. And now, with Annadurai, he has donned the avatar of editor too.
The multifaceted personality is good at picking scripts that fit him and Annadurai is one more example to his skills. Vijay Antony shows difference between the two characters that he has played.
The film has three heroines and Diana Champika is good. While villains are regular, the script ensures that there are enough twists and turns to sustain our interest.
Despite a sluggish second half, journalist-turned-filmmaker Srinivasan manages to sustain our interest in most parts of Annadurai. But we could not avoid getting a feel that the movie could have been much better.
Rating: 2.75 out of 5