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Agni Devi Movie Review



Agni Dev (Bobby Simha) is a honest police officer. A journalist who wants to interview him gets murdered in a mysterious manner and Agni starts investigating the case.

During his probe, he finds that the killing of the journalist is linked to the recent assassination of an Union Minister.

Agni investigates the case further and finds that the reason behind all these incidents is Sakunthala Devi (Madhoo), the Home Minister of Tamil Nadu.

As he gathers evidences against her, Agni is asked by his superior officer Charles (Bose Venkat) to stop investigating the case further.

Agni also finds that Charles is threatened by the all powerful Sakunthala Devi. The rest is all about how he takes on her.


Inspired by a crime novel by Rajesh Kumar, Agni Devi is mainly about Agni (Bobby Simha) and Devi (Madhoo). Though the story is potent, the way it has been made as a movie doesn’t match the intent.

Someone has given dubbing to Bobby Simha and some of his scenes have been touched by computer graphics. After seeing Madhoo in classy roles since Roja, it is tough to see her in a negative character.

Sathish’s one-liners don’t gel well with the movie. Ramya Nambeesan is there in a blink and miss role. There is a twist towards the climax, but that is not sufficient to justify the earlier loopholes.

JPR & Sham Surya have presented a political thriller with a couple of medical terms and twists and turns. Some of the scenes and characterisations remind us of real life politicians in Tamil Nadu.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5