Tamil Movie Review

Adhagapattadhu Mahajanangaley Tamil Movie Review


Anand (Umapathy), a happy-go-lucky youngster who aspires to become a renowned guitarist, is gifted a special guitar by his father (Pandiarajan), who is tabla player.

One day, while he goes to help his friend, a security guard, a burglary attempt takes place in the rich entrepreneur’s house where he substitutes as watchman.

Though Anand flees the place out of fear, he leaves his guitar there. He now fears that the musical instrument might lead the police to him, as it has his name, mobile number, address and email, etched on it.

Anand now seeks the help of his friend, Panneer (Karunakran), thinking that he is street-smart. But in real, Panneer is a coward. How Anand saves himself from all troubles forms the rest of Adhagapattadhu Mahajanangaley.


Performance must be in the genes of Umapathy, son of veteran Thambi Ramaiah, for the debutant is at ease at acting and good at dancing. Karunakaran plays the regular side-kick, while Pandiarajan is good as loving father.

Beautiful Sruthi (Resha Rathore), who gives relief to the audience with her duet sequences with Umapathy, is equally helped by music composer D Imman, as his songs are a delight to listen.

Camera work by PK Varma is appealing, while director R Inbasekaran has packed the screenplay with appealing ingredients like comedy, sentiments, dance, action and romance.

But there are certain scenes which fail to work, as they lack novely. On the whole, Adhagapattadhu Mahajanangaley is a decent and mixed fare.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5