Tamil Movie Review

Action Movie Review

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Action: Stunt, Blunt


Col Subhash is an upright officer in the Indian Army. Not just that, he is the son of the Chief Minister (Pazha Karuppaiah).

A deadly terror attack happens and it snatches away the lives of many, including Subhash’s girlfriend (Aishwarya Lekshmi) and his elder brother (Ramki).

Now, Subhash is on a mission to catch all those who are behind the terror attack and he is helped by his colleague in the army Diya (Tamannah), who has a crush on him.

But things are not that easy for Subhash, as his journey in search of the mastermind of the attack takes him to places such as Istanbul, London and Lahore.


If you go to Action by trusting the title alone, you will not be disappointed. For, the film is loaded with stunt scenes from beginning till end and they have been shot in exotic locations.

However, if you look for story, logic and other things, you will be in for disappointment. Director Sundar C, in his third outing with Vishal (after MGR and Aambala), has dished out a movie that is full of magic and lacks logic.

Vishal fits well to the role of a macho man, while Aishwarya Lekshmi makes a decent debut in Kollywood. The character of Tamannah reminds us of those heroine roles in Hollywood films and she serves the purpose.

Cinematography is one of the highlights of the film as it helps in making Action a grand affair. Editing could have been certainly better, while music is loud at places.

Sundar, known for his comedy entertainers, attempts to strike a fine balance in this action-filled entertainer and succeeds partly. Action is for those who like entertainment sans logic.