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Aaranyam Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Aaranyam Tamil Movie Review

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Aaranyam Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


A ‘thief’ Aravind (Ram) and his gang do their job with pride since no one is able to notice them. But Aravind’s ego is bruised when Divya (Neeraja) catches his act on camera and uploads on Facebook.

Following this, Aravind vows to steal Divya’s mobile phone to take revenge on her. But Divya falls for him after she watches from a distance when he gives away a lump sum to a family affected by dowry problem.

But all is not well, as Divya’s father Dhuraipandi, who is a police officer, poses all problems to the lovers. For, he is the one who hates love to the core and arrests random lovers and imprisons them with false charges.

‘Naanga kashta pattu valappom. Neenga love pannuvinga!’ is the reason given by him for his acts against lovers. Aravind and Divya escape to a forest, and their fate follows them.


Though it is not novel, an interesting plot has been conceived by director Kuber G. However, the way he has made it as a film leaves a lot to be desired. At times, we feel like watching a Tamil tele-serial.

Right from scene one, Aaranyam tries its best to keep the audience hooked and fails miserably. A series of confusing, and more importantly, unnecessary circumstances play spoilsport from Aaranyam emerging a convincing show.

Not just the scenes, but the lead actors too are disappointing, as they present a lacklustre show. There is a comedy track in which a forest ranger is being violently kissed in the mouth by a bear. It tries to evoke laughter, though it is convoluted and cliched.

The big saving grace is that the film, which was apparently shot in 60 days, ends in 2 hours and 3 minutes. Thus, we are saved from our patience getting tested much as the normal run-time of Tamil movies is 2.5 hours.

To sum it up, Aaranyam could be watched by forgetting its flaws for some interesting scenes. After all, it is the debut movie of a filmmaker with dreams.

Rating: Average