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Aaram Vetrumai Tamil Movie Review

Aaram Vetrumai Tamil Movie Review 2

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Gopika lives in a hilly hamlet called Kottaikaadu. She is being taken care of by her mother. Forest officer Cheran Raj has an eye on her.

Meanwhile, there is Koonikaadu, a village which is located in a mountain opposite to Kottaikaadu. People there are tribes, who don’t know how to speak. Ajay lives there with his family.

One day, Ajay comes to Kottaikadu and falls for Gopika. In the meantime, a situation arises where the marriage of Gopika is fixed with the village cheftain Azhagu. What happens next is the crux of the story.


Ajay, without any dialogues, has delivered with his body language and mannerisms. Gopika appears with simple and native costumes all over the movie and her perfromance is decent.

Uma Shree, who appears as the heroine’s friend, has been given a nice opportunity to prove her acting skills. Yogi Babu impresses to an extent, while Cheran Raj and Azhagu are right choices.

Director Hari Krishna has presented the difference between people living two hilly villages. Though the film looks and sounds like a Hollywood flick, there is nativity all over.

Ganesh Raghavendra has presented average songs and good background score. Arivazhagan’s cinematography is a big highlight. On the whole, Aaram Vetrumai is a different attempt by Hari Krishna and team.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5