Tamil Movie Review

Aadai Movie Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Aadai: Dressed with dignity


Kamini (Amala Paul) is a bold young woman with carefree attitude, and she has a penchant for bets. She runs a prank show called ‘Thoppi’.

The show is aimed at making fun of unassuming people and Kamini appears in different get-ups to achieve her target. She is helped by a bunch of aides in running the show.

When all goes well, Kamini and her colleagues decide to spend a night in their vacant workplace. This leads to drug-backed moments, and the next morning, Kamini finds herself in a tricky situation.

Circumstances push Kamini to her limits and she has to fend herself to survive. Who and what is the reason behind Kamini’s ordeal? Is She able to escape from the maze?


Aadai is an out and out Amala Paul show and the actress does complete justice to the role. And the much talked about nude scene in the movie is not at all vulgar. Instead, it has been shot with much sense.

Director Rathna Kumar, after the breezy romantic Meyaadha Maan, has tried his hands in a serious subject and also conveys a message- ‘Don’t be judgmental towards women’.

There are a lot of hidden layers (kuriyeedugal) in the flick and it is up to the audience to understand them or not. Cinematography, music and other departments help the director to achieve the mission.

To sum up, Aadai is that kind of film which will either be fully liked or completely hated by the audience. It tries to break many taboos and preconceived notions and is a bold attempt.