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8 Thottakal Tamil Movie Review

8 Thottakal Tamil Movie Review

Bullet In


Sathya (Vetri) is sent to juvenile home for a crime he did not commit. After coming out of it, the honest young man becomes, yes, a policeman.

He is so good that one of his colleagues describe him ‘Yaar enna sonnaalum endha vambukkum pogadha mudhugelumbilladha nallavan’.

But he tests the patience of his superior officer, inspector Gunasekar (Mime Gopi), whose only motive is to make money using his job. In the meantime, Sathya also has some love in his life in the form of Meera (Aparna Balamurali), a rookie reporter.

One day, Sathya misses his pistol and it ends up in the hands of a gang of bank robbers, led by Krishnamoorthy (M S Baskar). Sathya gets suspended and the investigation is being carried out by Pandian (Nasser).


It seems young filmmakers of Kollywood are getting good at making taut thrillers. After Karthik Naren of Dhuruvangal 16, here comes Sri Ganesh with 8 Thottakal.

Sri Ganesh is so confident about his script and it gets visible in almost every scene. Vetri is good as an innocent and honest cop, while Nasser lends solid credibility to his role.

M S Bhaskar’s performance is terrific and we start empathising with his character, despite it being a negative one. Others in the cast, including Aparna Balamurali, have done justice.

The film is good technically too. On the flip side, it is bit slow and takes some time to settle. Also, songs act as speed breakers. But overall, 8 Thottakkal is a honest attempt which should not be missed if you are a lover of good cinema.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Director: Sri Ganesh
Music: Sundaramurthy K S
Cast: Vetri, Aparna Balamurali, MS Baskar, Nasser
Pro: Suresh Chandra