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7 Naatkal Tamil Movie Review

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Gautham (Sakthivel Vasu) is a RJ in a private FM station, and his neighbour is Pooja (Nikesha Patel). They keep picking up petty quarrels often.

In the meantime, a young dancer Jennifer (Angana Rai) gets murdered and the suspicion falls on Siddharth (Rajiv Pillai), the son of an influential rich businessman Vijay Prabhakar (Prabhu).

In order to save the family’s reputation, Vijay Prabhakar asks his foster son Sai Prasath (Ganesh Venkatraman), who is a police officer, to solve the crime and to find out the real murderer.

Meanwhile, the blame falls on Gautham and Pooja. Now, with the help of a former police officer (Nasser), they set out to find the culprit(s) to rescue themselves.


Cinema runs in the veins of director Gautham V R. For his grandfather is Peethambharam, who was a legendary make-up artiste. Gautham’s uncle is P Vasu, the popular filmmaker. And his cousin is Shakthi, the actor.

With Shakthi in the lead, Guatham has made a fairly engaging thriller, which is a murder mystery. The script is written by his father Vimal, the younger brother of Vasu.

Shakthi delivers goods, while Ganesh Venkatraman plays his familiar police role. Nikesha Patel and Prabhu have played their parts well. Others in the cast are okay.

Vishal Chandrasekar’s songs and M S Prabhu’s cinematography are good. The first half is promising and it builds up to an engaging suspense drama. But the second half takes its own time to establish the missing links.

However, despite its shortcomings. 7 Naatkal ends up as a decent thriller.

Rating: 2.9 out of 5