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12-12-1950 – Review

Kabali Selva (Selva) is a die-hard fan of superstar Rajinikanth. He is a martial arts master and Ramesh Tilak, Aadhavan, Ajay Prasad and Prasad Kirubakaran are his students.
As Kabali Selva sees the area councillor tearing a poster of Rajini, he gets into a fight with him in which the latter accidentally dies. This results in Selva getting life sentence from the court.
With Selva spending his days in prison, Rajini’s Kabali is about to hit the screens. His aides decide to bring him out on parole to watch the ‘first day first show’ of the ‘thalaivar’ flick.
Since parole would not be granted for reasons like watching Rajini film on first day, they decide to kill Selva’s aged grandfather, who is already in deathbed.
However, the elderly man dies before the film’s release. Now Selva’s aides find senior police officer Thambi Ramaiah’s extra marital affair and film it. They threaten him take steps to release Selva on bail.
In the meantime, the councillor’s brother hatches a plan to kill Selva when he comes out from prison. What happens next forms the crux of 12.12.1950.
Titled after the birth date of Rajinikanth, 12.12.1950 directed by Selva who has also played the lead role, is a film strictly for Rajini fans.
Selva has appeared like Rajini himself and delivers solid performance. His ‘students’- Ramesh Tilak, Aadhavan, Ajay Prasad and Prasad Kirubakaran – are apt finds for their respective roles.
The director takes liberty to sing laurels on the ‘thalaivar’ and to take a dig at his opponents. There are some whistle-worthy moments for Rajini fans.
Music by Adithya, Soorya and Tapas Nayak is good, while Vishnu Shri K’s cinematography is another plus point. The director has fully focussed on Rajini fans, which is the positive as well as negative aspect of the movie.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5