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100% Kadhal Movie Review {Rating: 2/5}

Rating: 2 out of 5

100% Kadhal: Long back love


Balu (G V Prakash Kumar), a top ranker in college and Mahalakshmi (Shalini Pandey) are cousins. Balu has the typical ego possessed by State rankers and he is obsessed by it.

His studies get disturbed with the entry of Mahalakshmi. Hailing from a different place, she comes to Balu’s town and stays in his house to pursue studies.

She starts dominating him over a period of time. This leads to differences and ego clashes between Balu and Mahalakshmi. The rest of the story is all about how Balu and Mahalakshmi realise that they are made for each other.


G V Prakash is apparently caught in the syndrome of chewing off more that what he can swallow. For, 100% Kadhal is his fifth release this year as actor and 10 more films of him are in different stages of production.

As music composer too, he is equally busy (Dhanush-starrer Asuran, which has hit the screens today along with 100% Kadhal, has music by GVP). This has perhaps resulted in him delivering a dull performance.

Also, he should be more careful while choosing scripts. 100% Kadhal, despite being the remake of a blockbuster Telugu film (100% Love), lacks anything new. In a familiar script, it offers familiar scenes.

Shalini Pandey has been utilised for glamour quotient, while no other character sticks to our mind. Length is another minus of 100% Kadhal, as the film runs for 2.5 hours.

Better writing and making could have helped 100% Kadhal a lot, for the basic knot is interesting. But there are a few enjoyable romantic and emotional scenes too, which are the saving grace.