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  • Regina movie review

    Story: Sunaina and Ananth Nag are a happy couple. However, a robbery at Ananth Nag’s bank ends up killing him. Sunaina is distraught, shaken and shocked seeing her husband’s lifeless body. Sunaina’s activist father was also killed in an altercation when she was young. Now, with her husband gone, will Sunaina  leaves her home and escapes to Varkala, where she… Continue reading "Regina movie review"

  • Nadhi movie review

    Stroy: Hero Sam Jones dreams of getting a government job and support his family by participating in the National level Badminton competition. Kayal Anandhi who is from a family with political and casteist background studies in the same college. They become friends and slowly their relationship moves to the next level. Anandhi’s family assume that they both are in love… Continue reading "Nadhi movie review"