Sure of breaking ties with BJP: Palaniswami

Days after breaking the alliance with NDA, AIADMK general secretary Edappadi Palaniswami said that they are sure of the decision to break ties with the BJP.

Reiterating the stand of the party, he said there was no pressure that was put on them by anyone to make the decision. The former CM also commented on I.N.D.I.A and Cauvery issues.

According to ANI, AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami in Salem said, “The AIADMK alliance will win all Parliament seats including Pondicherry. We are strong with our decision to break ties with the BJP. No one put any pressure on us to take this decision.”

“A few incidents hurt our cadres….The INDI alliance is still not fully formed. TN CM should have raised the Cauvery issue before joining the INDI alliance,” he said.

AIADMK formally severed ties with BJP and announced its exit from NDA last month. The decision was made public after a meeting headed by party leader Edappadi K Palaniswami at AIADMK headquarters in Chennai.

Earlier, AIADMK former Minister KC Karuppannan said, “AIADMK broke the alliance with BJP because they (BJP) were insisting on accepting Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai as the chief ministerial candidate in the 2026 assembly elections.”