Sunny’s Fury Ignited! Witness Unforgettable Drama & Shocking Twists on Splitsvilla X5!

“MTV does not stand for this! Bring it up again, and I will personally kick you out of the show” What led to Sunny giving a stern warning to this contestant? Find out in the latest episodes of MTV Splitsvilla X5:ExSqueeze Me Please.
When Kashish discovered that Arbaz had been spreading rumors about her, she stormed into his den with fiery determination. But surprise—Arbaz was bedridden, claiming illness. Genuine ailment or shady dodge? His twisted views were exposed either way.
The next day, Splitsvillains met the King and Queen of Hearts for their next task. Kashish, still fuming, publicly confronted Arbaz for spilling the unnecessary tea. Arbaz, speechless, tried to make amends as Sunny Leone delivered a profound lesson, “Aap jo bhi bolte ho it matters and people look up to you. Now If another boy does the same thing with another girl they watched you do it, but here we are saying this is not okay.” Did Arbaz’s words land him in serious trouble?

In the ‘Qaid Mein Hai Bulbul’ task Akriti, teamed up with Jashwanth, and chose a girl who targeted her. The challenge was intense: caged girls awaited rescue as their partners raced, performing hook steps and guessing song titles to move up a ladder and untie knots with their mouths while facing fierce hurdles. The task was a game changer, with Shobhika’s team clinching victory despite Jashwanth’s stellar performance. The stage was set for the glamorous yet drama-filled Dome Session of the villa.
Amidst the glitz, our hosts Sunny and Tanuj looked hotter than ever! Unnati dropped a bombshell about Harsh’s plan to eliminate Akriti, sparking a massive fight. Secrets flew when Ishita accused Unnati of having a connection outside the show. Nayera jumped in, confirming Ishita’s claims, while Unnati retaliated by questioning Nayera and Arbaz’s relationship. This chaos led to our Queen of Hearts, Sunny Leone, putting her foot down and saying “MTV stands for equal treatment for everyone, it does not discriminate against religion, creed, sex or anything that has to do with things that are incorrect. MTV does not stand for this! Bring it up again I will personally kick you out of the show.”

Friends turned foes after the last task, with Akriti being targeted, dumping her best friend’s squeeze, Siwet, which led to some friends fighting for each other while some were fighting with each other! This week had it all: alliances crumbling, friendships tested, and betrayal peaking.
Tune in to MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please for some drama and spice this weekend also airing in Tamil on MTV and JioCinema simultaneously at 7pm